Purveyors of rolling art, specializing in sales, acquisitions and collection management of exceptional vintage & contemporary motorcars.

Impeccable Attention to Detail and Unparalleled Expertise

We separate fact from fiction, the best from the merely adequate, and we make a sincere effort to represent our assets correctly. We develop close relationships with collectors — we share their well-informed enthusiasm for spectacular cars of all eras, ensuring satisfaction for both buyer and seller alike.

We want to think Speedart as not the average car dealership with the hostile sales environment or constant pressure the staff feels from consummating deals but rather a gathering spot of aficionados that love talking all things motorsports. Even if you are not ready yet or just in the initial stages of your ownership journey you are welcome to stop by and we will discuss discreetly your motoring needs over coffee and jazz.

A Motorsports Gallery for Aficionados

Our business philosophy is based on the simple principle of engaging in the trade of significant automobiles and motorcycles in a transparent and full disclosure manner with the utmost integrity. No antiquated sales tactics here… we are too busy sharing our passion and enthusiasm with like-minded owners and sourcing some of the most legendary motorcars ever conceived the world over.

Just like art, the market for iconic automobiles can be perplexing. Buyers and sellers have to navigate a treacherous landscape at times, and the internet or public auctions could impose certain risks with associated added costs. Our approach is to rely on accurate representations, impeccable attention to detail, and unparalleled expertise.

Diverse Selection of Glorious Thoroughbreds from the Past and Present

As an independent dealer, we are fortunate to cover a diverse selection from the past and present without the limitations sometimes imposed by manufacturers to franchised sellers. We represent vehicles that we believe in and that meet our stringent criteria, including cars and motorbikes from our private collection. All in all, we would not attempt to retail a vehicle that we would not be proud of driving ourselves.

Since our focus is channeled towards the enthusiast, we rarely entertain offerings of automobiles as mere transportation. That being said, not every vehicle that makes it in our floor is a million-dollar supercar. Just consider for a moment that some of today’s most desirable specimens could be purchased relatively inexpensively not that long ago. We can personally attest to this and to our great dismay in numerous occasions. As such, we feel very strongly on certain investment-grade “modern classics” we believe are destined for greatness while currently enjoyed by spirited drivers.

The same applies to certain modern domestic or import thoroughbreds that offer the latest in technology and safety, without compromising the appeal and charisma of a truly great sporting machine.

Collector & Exotic Cars Miami

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Thrilling Motorcars for Hire for the Affluent Lifestyle

Speedart has a dedicated fleet of late model hyper-cars and luxurious super saloons available for individualized hire including our corporate fully crewed Motor Yacht, Riva 72 Splendida offered for memorable private charters.

If your itinerary dictates experiencing south Florida behind the wheel of a super car, cruising the causeway alfresco in a Spyder or exercising the art of arrival from the rear seat of a chauffeured driven prestigious sedan we will strive to provide you not only with a thrilling motorcar but also with an unparalleled customer service.

Our sophisticated reservation system and hands on experience allows as to tailor a rental program that can range from hours to several weeks as well as enabling us to accommodate the most discriminating clientele with specific agendas.

From the time of booking to the time of delivery as well as during the entire rental term you will have access to a concierge desk that will make sure all your needs are met as well as handing over your selection in an impeccable state both mechanically and cosmetically.

You may safely assume that our claim of white glove service is an understatement.

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