Special Wishes

A great deal of resources and energy is allocated on world-wide scouting significant automobiles and motorbikes. Our travels take us from Pebble Beach and Amelia Island to Villa d’Este, Monaco and London, among other destinations, looking for that unique specimen to add into our collection or when our clients commission us to purchase the car of their dreams.

We don’t just surf the internet looking to broker deals. We are fully engaged in the transaction providing thorough PPI’s, verifying provenance and performing a high level due diligence in order to guarantee that the asset is not misrepresented and the most favorable terms are achieved.

If your next wish is to acquire an iconic Ducati 750 Desmo, a fire breathing Lancia 037 Abarth or the latest Bugatti hyper-car from Molsheim please let us know and most likely we have come across that same car or something similar.