Consignment & Brokerage

When an instant cash offer does not represent the perceived value of your motorcar or when the significance of the asset dictates specific market exposure, there are more options available, including brokerage and consignment of a single vehicle or an entire collection. Due to our vast experience, trade associations and international client network, we can offer a comprehensive consultation and an individually tailored marketing strategy to achieve the desired result.

If an auction house is determined to be the most appropriate avenue for a certain vehicle, we will fully prepare, merchandise and represent the asset in the best manner possible, maximizing returns for the owner as well as keeping his/her anonymity.

Our integrity and discretion in facilitating private treaty sales is unrivalled. Just contact one of our specialists and we will explore together all alternatives in thorough detail. Our consignment program is unlike the usual “lock and load” tactic by over-promising and under-delivering. We structure an upfront fee agreement with full transparency and guaranteed results by campaigning, promoting and displaying your asset in our state of the art retail showroom.