2021 Lamborghini Huracán EVO RWD – SOLD 🏁

Sant'Agata Bolognese’s Latest Soundtrack in New, Unregistered Condition.

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Chassis No: ZHWUF5ZF3MLA17328

Odometer: 57 Miles

Engine: 5.2 Litre V10 Naturally Aspirated - 90° Multi Point Injection

Transmission: 7-Speed LDF Dual Clutch Gearbox

Performance: 601 bhp @ 8,000 rpm / 413 lb-ft > 0-60 mph 3.1 sec / 202 mph

Exterior: Bianco Icarus

Interior: Nero Ade with Rosso Alala Inserts

About This Car

“The Huracán EVO RWD bears the evolution of the predictive technology employed in the best-loved Lamborghini V10 model, distilled to deliver pure, unfiltered driving excitement. Here, driving skills and mechanics make the difference: this ‘Return to rear-wheel drive’ embraces the origins of mechanical purity—the true essence of a Lamborghini. The new, rear-wheel drive Huracán Evo follows 2018’s LP-580-2, which followed the original plan laid out by Valentino Balboni for his special edition Gallardo: better steering, looser at the back, lighter on its feet, and more fun”.

There’s a slightly unfair and contradictory assumption of modern Lamborghinis that they’re at once too capable, lacking the madness of old, and simultaneously too wild and showy, as if they’re aimed at people who care more about appearances than driving thrills.

Spend time with the Huracán Evo and you’ll wonder whether either viewpoint holds any validity. It’s a car bursting with far more character and style than any reskinned Audi jibes would have you believe, yet also a driver’s car deserving of a much better fate than bouncing off the limiter outside of Harrods. Now available in rear-wheel-drive form it’s also set to be the most driver-focused Huracán yet, while ditching some of the complexity has also brought down the price; surely a win-win.

We’ve seen Lamborghini’s 5.2-litre V10 many times now but it’d be churlish to be anything other than positive about that fact, because it remains one of the most entertaining and spine-tingling engines fitted to any current production car.

In Evo RWD form the unit makes 610ps (601bhp), with 413lb ft of torque, and as the name implies the whole lot is sent to the rear wheels alone, via a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, just as it does in the identically motivated Audi R8. You get a little more theatre from Lamborghini of course though; the V10 has never sounded this angry in an R8, and the plastic toys that Audi uses as gear change paddles aren’t a patch on the large, slim carbon fiber structures in the Huracán.

Without drive to the front wheels the Huracán Evo RWD is a simpler car than its all-wheel-drive counterpart. There’s no four-wheel steering, no torque vectoring, and instead the transition to rear-drive is being managed mainly by new tuning for the car’s traction and stability control systems, aimed at harnessing the 601bhp output through just a pair of wheels.

Naturally there’s a flare of revs on start-up and a bassy hum behind your head, Lamborghini seemingly finding loopholes in EU noise regulations other car manufacturers haven’t. Or maybe it’s just ignoring them, which would be a very Lamborghini thing to do. Otherwise the Huracán is docile, mooching around easily, with good throttle response, smooth dual-clutch shifting and surprisingly little resistance over bumps and rough tarmac.

The V10 remains pretty special too. The full performance is, frankly, more than you could ever safely deploy on the road, but you can appreciate its response and linear build-up of power at any speed, along with the speed at which the DCT will flip between gears, up or down, with each brush of a skeletal carbon paddle. Despite driving only the rear wheels it makes the Huracán Evo feel friendlier than you’d expect, without the risk of suddenly overwhelming the tires. It’s not a car to get moving around on the road, but you sense a car that could be great fun on a circuit, letting you build up to its limits progressively.


Speedart Motorsports is delighted to announce one of our latest exhibits, available for sale and offered for the first time in the market place. Therefore, the next custodian will be the first registered owner of this dazzling Huracán who may choose to hibernate the car as part of any prominent collection or purposely enjoy as it was intended to.

Chassis 17328 rolled off the Sant’Agata assembly plant on the last week of March, 2021 and expedited to its designated dealer on the following month with the pre-delivery inspection performed on May 18 and immediately transported to Speedart Motorsports.

This track weapon was specifically ordered with the Bianco Icarus exterior metallic enamel and the business office finished in a fusion of leather and Alcantara materials with a striking combination of Nero Ade and Rosso Alala, in unison with deviated contrast stitching, headrest embroidery and Red seatbelts.

The motorcar was additionally specified with several paid options, totaling an addendum of $19,950 over the base price, including:

  • Smartphone Interface & Technology $3,600
  • Brake Calipers in Red $1,400
  • 19” Vanir Alloy Wheels $600
  • Optional Stitching $250
  • Contrast Stitching in Rosso Alala $900
  • Electric & Heated Seats $3,200
  • Life Style Pack $3,400
  • Style Package – High $2,000
  • EVO Trim – Sportivo $3,600
  • Embroidered Headrests – Lambo $1,000

The odometer currently displays 57 factory testing miles, never subjected to public road traffic or exposed to any outdoor elements after its delivery in to our showroom. At its present condition this fighting bull is free of any blemishes or imperfections both on the exterior and inside the cockpit, constituting this magnificent specimen as an unmolested example. The original factory warranty is valid through May, 2024 without any mileage limitations.

The sale of the 2021 Huracán EVO is accompanied by all equipment as supplied by Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. inventoried as following:

  • Copy of Original Window Sticker
  • Two Master Keys & Emergency Key
  • Owner’s Handbook & Service Manual
  • Tire Mobility Kit
  • Air Compressor & Tool Kit
  • Battery Conditioner with Various Connecting Terminals
  • Lamborghini EVO Branded Dust Cover with Tote Bag
  • Exact Replica 1/18 Scale Model in Display Case

Speedart Motorsports invites all serious inquiries and interested parties to witness up-close and personal this naturally aspirated performer at our Design District motorsports gallery.


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