2019 Porsche GT3 RS Weissach – SOLD 🏁

Purest Expression of The 911 Extant, Fully Equipped with Mandatory Weissach Package

Offered at $0

Chassis No: WP0AF2A97KS164946

Odometer: 543 Miles

Engine: 4.0 Litre 24-valve DOHC Flat-6

Transmission: 7-Speed Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK)

Performance: 512 bhp @ 8,250 rpm / 346 lb-ft > 0-60 mph 3.1 sec / 193 mph

Exterior: Guards Red

Interior: Black Leather/Alcantara with GT Silver Deviated Stitching

About This Car

“Comprehending the essence of the new GT3 RS requires a bit of mechanical context. Though this squat, big-winged, NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) – ducted and vented track weapon bears more than a passing resemblance to the GT2 RS, its philosophical intent diverges significantly”.

Only eight street legal production cars have broken the 7.0 minute benchmark on the Nurburgring Nordschleife. Three of these are Porsches. The 918 Spyder did a 6:57 back in 2013, the GT2 RS ran a sensational 6:47.3 lap late last year, and now the GT3 RS has clocked 6:56.4 min, an amazing lap time for a naturally aspirated 911. Significantly, the 996 GT3 RS of 2003 was the first model worked on by Andreas Preuninger, now Director of GT cars at Porsche. Back then, its 7:48 min lap time set by Walter Röhrl was pretty rapid.

The 2019 GT3 RS is a 4.0 litre, naturally-aspirated 911 whose 520 hp engine is a lot like the 911 Cup race car’s and is even more savage than the GT3 Cup used in Porsche’s Carrera Cup. That’s because, although it’s 220 LBS heavier, it packs an extra 34 bhp, revs to a dizzying 9,000 rpm and has a quicker transmission. There is rose-jointed suspension like a GT2 RS (and Cup car), spring rates close to the 911 Cup’s and almost as much downforce as a Cup car. You’ve had to do a bit more than remove the registration number and fit a race number, but to convert from street car to race car is closer here than in anything this side of a Caterham.

Traction is not something the GT3 RS lacks — in fact, that’s its party piece. There’s the standard launch control activation: hold your left foot on the brake, push the throttle down to 6000rpm and let go of the brake. Then there’s the hand-controlled start: hold the gear paddles, bury the revs and release the paddles. The clutch dumps, the gearbox engages and the engine has an angry frothing fit, but the tyres find grip and the propulsion is seamless.

The initial pull-away feels about the same as it does in a Formula E car, which is to say the GT3 RS has instant torque and huge acceleration. By second gear, though, the Porsche would have pulled ahead of the electric racing car. This is a very fast machine in a straight line, and it’s even faster around corners. One key to the GT3 RS’s agility is the engine. Porsche’s six-cylinder naturally aspirated boxer engine is a delight — and an endangered species. Everything’s going turbo, so you may really savour a power plant that’s high-revving and instantly responsive.

The second thing the GT3 RS has going for it is four-wheel steering. This is an understeer-free zone. Sure, it’s 177bhp down on the turbocharged GT2 RS (which, in any case, is no longer for sale), but it’s lighter and much more precise, meaning it feels more like a racing machine. You can get on the power much earlier in the bends, and it’s easier to slide with confidence.

The skid pad is where you can let loose completely. What is special about the GT3 RS is that the driver aids kick in only if they’re really needed; if things start to get out of control as you throw it around, it’ll catch you. Or you can turn the traction control off entirely and simply enjoy the burn.

In heavier, more powerful supercars you have to be patient, but this car — just like a racing car — doesn’t want you to be smooth. It loves nothing more than maximum pressure on its massive brakes. In the cockpit you will find all the creature comforts you won’t get in a racing car (or in your average Golf, for that matter), including weight-saving lovely touches such as the canvas door pulls. The car does calm down if you short-shift to keep the revs low, though: you could cruise in relative relaxation as long as you could control your need for speed.

Speedart Motorsports is pleased to announce one of its latest exhibits available for sale, finished in one of the most iconic enamels from Porsche’s color palette accentuating the sporting nature of this homologated road racer.

The 2019 GT3 RS was ordered by its only custodian through the Porsche Center in Pompano Beach, Florida and registered on January, 2019. At that time the automobile was transported to Miami Beach via an enclosed trailer for the owner’s enjoyment in the vicinity of his home.

During the commission of the GT3 RS the car was appropriately fitted with the desirable Weissach package at a cost of $18,000 consisting of lightweight niceties such as exposed carbon fiber bonnet  and roof panels, carbon fiber rear wing, magnesium alloy wheels and a carbon fiber rear anti-roll bar. Interestingly, the standard roof is made from magnesium, and the carbon fiber equivalent saves just one pound but aesthetically is in tandem with the track appeal of the automobile. Inside the Black interior, “Weissach” embroidery in GT Silver adorns the headrests of the lightweight buckets, a silver plaquette is embedded above the glove box compartment and the paddle shifters are fabricated from glossy carbon fiber.

Upon delivery, the owner opted for further aural enhancement to the already intoxicating sound of the GT3 RS by replacing the centre OEM silencer with a Champion Lightweight Titanium bypass exhaust. The result adds a visual impact to the rear end of the motorcar, constructed by the highest quality of titanium in “raw” finish as well as removing the sound suppression and unleashing the full resonance potential of the machine.

The build sheet of this spectacular GT3 RS is comprised of the following paid options totaling a $43,300 addendum:

  • Weissach Package
  • Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB)
  • Front axle lift system
  • Sport Chrono Package with Preparation for Lap Trigger 
  • Sport Chrono stopwatch dial in Guards Red
  • Instrument dials in Guards Red
  • Bose® Surround Sound System
  • Light Design Package
  • Extended Range Fuel Tank, 23.7 gal
  • Wheels Painted in Satin Black
  • Seat Belts in Guards Red
  • Automatically dimming mirrors with integrated rain sensor
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Door Handles in High-Gloss Black
  • LED Headlights in Black incl. Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS)

The odometer currently displays 543 careful miles, never raced on or off a circuit and upon commitment an over-rev report can be supplied by the local Porsche Center along a non-derogatory Carfax report.

All body panels are treated to ultra-premium PPF (paint protection film) attesting to the fastidious care the motorcar received during its 11 months of ownership and it is free of any blemishes or imperfections both on the exterior and in the cockpit.

In addition to the aforementioned enhancements a carbon fiber steering wheel was ordered from Porsche AG and it will be fitted prior to delivery if the new custodian desires so.

The sale of the 2019 GT3 RS is accompanied by all keys, owners manuals, original window label and additional equipment as supplied by the manufacturer.

Speedart Motorsports invites all inquiries and interested parties to witness up-close and personal this Rennsport legend in our spectacular showroom located near the design district of Miami.


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