2019 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Coupe – SOLD 🏁

Latest Super-GT from AM Lagonda in Seductive Configuration with Single Ownership Provenance

Offered at $0

Chassis No: SCFRMHAV1KGR00079

Odometer: 852 Miles

Engine: 5.2 Litre, V12 AE31 Twin-Turbocharged

Transmission: 8-Speed ZF 8HP95 Automatic

Performance: 715 bhp @ 6,500 rpm / 664 lb-ft > 0-60 mph 3.2 sec / 211 mph

Exterior: Xenon Grey

Interior: All Red Oxide Leather

About This Car

“The DBS Superleggera is dominated by a breath-taking hexagonal grille, combining a sense of unbounded strength with the most natural beauty. This sets the visual agenda for the entire car while simultaneously feeding the insatiable appetite for oxygen of the mighty 715bhp engine. Typically, as a car gets faster, it requires more cooling, larger brakes and stronger suspension, which inevitably results in increased weight. The DBS ‘Superlight’ begs to differ. Naturally it has been upgraded in all areas required to handle its phenomenal performance, but not by merely adding more of the same, instead using the finest, strongest lightweight materials”.

The ultimate Aston Martin. At least until the Valkyrie rocks up. And even when it does, this is the car that epitomises Aston’s brand values better than any other. Massively potent twin turbo V12 up front, rear-drive, 2+2 layout inside. How potent? 715bhp. Aston refers to it as a ‘brute in a suit’. Yes, really.

As you might be able to tell from the proportions, underneath it has a lot in common with the DB11 – same platform and basic engine – but the key addition is a high-torque version of ZF’s eight-speed gearbox. This is able to cope with 700 lb ft of torque – approaching 200lb ft more than the standard ZF gearbox in the DB11 AMR. It’s not just a software recalibration – this gearbox has a different casing to contain the beefed up internals.

The key figure, says Aston, isn’t 715bhp, but the 663lb-ft available from 1,800-5,000rpm. Aston is keen to point out that a Ferrari 812 Superfast falls 134lb ft short and makes you wait until 7,000rpm to get those 529 lb-ft. However, as we’ll see the DBS is a very different type of car. But not a slow one. Sending its power out through a mechanical LSD it has the ability to hit 62mph in 3.4 secs and on to a 211mph top speed – three tenths and 3mph faster than the DB11 AMR. Not huge gains on paper, but in reality…

This is a mighty car. Not explosive, not urgent, but mighty. Fourth and fifth gear sweepers are where it’s at. Why? Because at those speeds in those gears you can actually use the torque, allow the thrust to jet you out onto the next straight. As party tricks go, this deep and unrelenting push feels marvellous, so effortless and accessible and secure and sonorous that it’s a luxury all by itself.

This character defines the DBS Superleggera. Only in terms of layout and price is this a rival to a Ferrari 812 Superfast (English car with an Italian name, Italian car with an English name – weird, huh?). The 812 is a savage in comparison, the engine a masterpiece, the car ultra-active and hectic, the drive a constant bombardment.

Consuming a continent? You’d have the Aston every time. It may have the shorter final drive from the Vantage (2.9:1 instead of 2.7), but this is still a long-legged machine, pulling just 2,000rpm at 70mph in eighth. At that speed the engine is a sophisticated purr of noise, wind no more than a ruffle, the ride so impressively damped you don’t notice the work it’s doing. It stays level and calm, but not soft – it has none of the vertical float and slack that used to blight the DB11.

It’s this composure in pretty much every condition that characterises the DBS. It manages to rise above the hurly-burly. Like the DB11, it’s not an easy car to position around town: the bonnet is long and visibility harmed by the confluence of A-pillar and mirror. But it’s manners are polished, it responds well to throttle and brake, oils itself through the gears, all the while accompanied by this purring engine and authoritative suspension. Even here it moves more athletically than the DB11.

Speedart Motorsports is delighted to offer for sale this handsomely equipped Aston Martin flagship in Contemporary Xenon Grey, presented in impeccable delivery condition.

Optional Equipment

  • Power Seat Bolsters $750
  • Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Audio $8,330
  • Color Keyed to Interior Carpet $450
  • Bodypack – Carbon Tinted Gloss Black $3,785
  • Brake Calipers – Bronze $3,190
  • Ventilated Front Seats $1,595
  • Stitching / Welt – Contrast Color $2,270
  • Leather Color – Contemporary $1,830
  • Carpet Color – Contemporary $1,595
  • Paint – Contemporary $1,830
  • Roof Strake – Gloss Black $2,270
  • Headrest Embroidery – Aston Martin Wings $750
  • First Aid Kit $145
  • Headlining – Match to Seat Inner $2,270
  • Mirror Cap – Gloss Black $450
  • DBS Placed Perforation $750
  • Roof Panel – Gloss Black $1,595
  • Seat Back – Match to Facia Inlay $3,190
  • Triaxial Quilting $3,190
  • Color Keyed Steering Wheel $750
  • Smoked Rear Lamps $750
  • Underbonett Jewellery Pack $2,270
  • Aston Martin Umbrella $295
  • Trim Inlay – Satin Chopped Carbon Fiber $3,785
  • Forged Y Spoke Wheels – Satin Black/Bronze $4,545

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price $360,711

The sale of the Super-GT is accompanied by all keys, books and owner’s manuals, copy of the original window sticker, branded umbrella, charger and all equipment as supplied by the manufacturer. A non-derogatory CarFax report is available upon request, attesting to the incident free, single-ownership provenance of the motorcar.


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