2017 Ferrari 488 Spider – SOLD 🏁

Single Ownership, Modenese Spider in Sensational Configuration

Offered at $0

Chassis No: ZFF80AMA1H0226525

Odometer: 2,676 Miles

Engine: 3.9 Litre V8 Twin-Turbo, Type F154CB Dry Sump

Transmission: Getrag 7-Speed F1 Dual-Clutch

Performance: 661 bhp @ 8,000 rpm / 561 lb-ft > 0-60 mph 2.9 sec / 203 mph

Exterior: Blu Corsa - Extracampiona

Interior: Nero Leather with Baby Blu Accents

About This Car

“Being able to open the cockpit to the world outside at the touch of a button is simply a bravura encore to this Ferrari’s already majestic performance. The 488 Spider just oozes character, from its rakish lines to the aroma of its leather hides to the changing tenor of the engine as the tach needle crosses 3,000 rpm – the exhaust note goes from a sotto voce grumble to an exhilarating snarl so quickly, you simply can’t escape the car’s overwhelming charisma”.

The 488 Spider officially replaced the 458 Spider in Ferrari’s lineup and it was unveiled in September 2015 at the Frankfurt Motor Show which was essentially a convertible version of the 488 GTB that debuted earlier that year.

Powered by the same twin-turbocharged 3.9-litre V8 as the 488 GTB, Ferrari claims that the Spider offers almost completely uncompromised performance despite swapping a fixed roof for a reclining hard top. This develops a maximum output of 661 bhp at 8,000rpm, and a 561 lb-ft wallop of torque.

It loses little to the GTB in terms of performance. Despite the addition of electronic folding roof, the Spider weighs just 50 kg more at 1,525 kg, ensuring power-to-weight is only 15 bhp down on the coupe at 440 bhp/ton. This enables the Spider to accelerate from 0 to 60mph in a claimed 2.9 sec, matching the GTB and beating the newly-unveiled at the time Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 Spyder by four-tenths.

Ferrari quotes 0-124mph acceleration of 8.7sec, four-tenths shy of the time quoted for the coupe and only one-tenth behind the time set by the extreme Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SV. The Huracan Spyder achieves the same goal in 10.2sec. Like the GTB, Ferrari also claims throttle response of 0.8sec at 2,000rpm in third gear – an indication of Ferrari’s desire to keep turbo lag to a minimum.

Top speed is quoted at 203mph, just 2mph shy of the GTB’s terminal velocity and 1mph faster than the Ferrari F50 – previously, Maranello’s fastest open-top car.

Ferrari says the 488 Spider’s folding hardtop can fully retract or deploy completely in 14 seconds – again stealing a march on the Huracan Spyder, which drops its top in 17 seconds. It overlaps into two sections and folds flat just ahead of the engine compartment, just like the roof of the 458 Spider and Speciale Aperta. Occupying only 100 liters of space – compared to the 150-200 liters of a conventional hard top – the new roof ensures the car’s lines and aerodynamics aren’t disrupted.

An electric glass rear window can also be independently lowered or raised through three positions, helping to reduce buffeting from the rear when the roof is down, or allowing just the rear to be opened when the roof is up.

To help reduce the drag created by the Spider’s roofless shape, Ferrari’s aerodynamicists have created a bespoke engine cover flanked by two buttresses. The carmaker claims that its design team completely reworked the aesthetics of this region of the Spider compared with the GTB.

Underneath, the Spider features the GTB’s vortex generators, which reduce pressure and therefore suck the car towards the asphalt without increasing drag. A computer-controlled flap in the rear diffuser also helps adjust the car’s drag and downforce attributes, according to whether the car is cornering and braking, or accelerating.

Weight gain is minimized thanks to the 488 Spider’s space frame chassis, which uses 11 different aluminum alloys combined with magnesium and other lightweight materials. With this construction, Ferrari promised that the chassis has the same torsional rigidity as the coupe, making it 23 per cent stiffer than the 458 Spider. This suggests that even with the roof down, the 488 Spider could be as pointy as its hardtop equivalent – a car that itself felt as agile and adjustable as the 458 Speciale.

With the memory of the open-top 458 Speciale Aperta and its supreme agility, increased visceral thrills and seemingly stellar performance still so fresh in Ferraristi’s mind, it was intriguing  to see what an open-top does to the 488.

In fact, losing its roof might be exactly what the 488 needed to truly fall for its turbocharged engine. Because despite its sheer performance, Ferrari hasn’t been able to completely hide the fact the V8 recycles its exhaust gasses – Jethro Bovingdon of evo magazine confirms: ‘the revs don’t chase around the dial like they would in a 458…[there’s less of] that feral rush to 9,000rpm’. With the roof down, however, the increased exposure helps improving the new unit’s slightly dulled tone.

The Spider also features the GTB’s second-gen Side Slip Angle Control system (SSC2), and as such, it is equally as playful around the limit. But while on paper the 488 GTB creates a new benchmark for its class, it will be the Spider that injects the heart it needs to match its more emotional 458 predecessor.

Speedart Motorsports is delighted to offer for sale one of its latest exhibits, the 2017 488 Spider in dazzling Blu Corsa livery with just 2,676 careful miles and verified provenance.

The construction of the Spider was completed on late March 2017 and it left the Modena factory on the same month, arriving  at the port of Newark on April 2017.

After a long wait since the proud owner and avid Ferrari collector ordered the newly released 488 Spider the motorcar arrived at the designated Ferrari Center of Houston Texas in the first week of May 2017.

Upon completion of the pre-delivery inspection and  all necessary preparations the Ferrari was immediately delivered via enclosed carrier to the residence of is first and only custodian in Miami, Florida where the car has stayed ever since.

The 488 Spider was configured in exquisite taste with the Blu Corsa paint (Code 3640) finally convincing the client that Ferrari’s can look truly magnificent in a shade other than red or yellow. Through Maranello’s highly personalized menu a galore of a la carte options were selected at the time of ordering, totaling an addendum of $89,116.00  on top of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price for a final ticket of $370,016.00 on delivery.

  • Carbon Fiber Rear Air Ducts
  • Carbon Fibre Side Air Splitter
  • Carbon Fiber Driver Zone LEDs
  • Carbon Fiber Central Bridge
  • Carbon Fiber Dashboard Inserts
  • Daytona Style Seats
  • Suspension Lifter
  • Adaptive Frontlight System (AFS)
  • Yellow Brake Calipers
  • Prancing Horse Embroidery on Headrests
  • Sport Exhaust Pipes
  • Colored Mats with Logo
  • Scuderia Ferrari Shields
  • Trolleys Set and Soft Bags
  • Personalized Options

Throughout the course of its 2 year and 4 month careful ownership the motorcar enjoyed a pampered life and was used sparingly within the city limits. Furthermore, as per the original factory warranty provisions, the automobile is fully covered until May 2020, free of any mileage restrictions. A copy of the motorcar’s CarFax attests to the immaculate provenance and is supplied upon request.

Speedart Motorsports welcomes all serious inquiries as we would like to extend an invitation to  all interested parties and in order to witness up-close and personal in our Miami Design District gallery this Italian thoroughbred.

The sale of this motorcar is accompanied by owners manuals, service books, copy of the window sticker and pertinent documentation, spare keys, OEM battery tender and a branded indoor car cover.

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