2016 McLaren 675LT Spider – SOLD 🏁

Super Series Spider, Inspired by the McLaren F1 GTR Longtail and One of 500 Worldwide

Offered at $0

Chassis No: SBM11SAA7GW675671

Odometer: 1,391 Miles

Engine: 3.8 Litre Twin-Turbocharged DOHC 32-valve V8

Transmission: 7-Speed Dual-Clutch

Performance: 666 bhp @ 7,100 rpm / 516 lb-ft > 0-60 mph 2.9 sec / 203 mph

Exterior: Silica White

Interior: Carbon Black with Alcantara & Embossed Leather

About This Car

“The carbon fiber MonoCell provides the 675LT with an unrivaled combination of lightness, safety and stiffness, in common with all models in the McLaren Super Series. But an obsessive weight-saving strategy unlocks a further 220 LBS reduction compared with the 650S. From lightweight carbon fibre racing seats to a 1mm thinner windscreen, no opportunity to save weight has been overlooked”.

The 675LT Spider was a neat case study in supply and demand. McLaren didn’t originally plan to make an open-air version of 2015’s remarkable 675LT Coupe but sheer volume of interest from customers who missed out on the Coupe’s 500-off production run led McLaren to reconsider, and its engineers to work on transplanting the 650S Spider’s folding roof mechanism. Two and a half weeks after the 675LT Spider was announced and immediately its entire production run of also 500 units was sold out, despite a $360,000 asking price.

The Spider is mechanically identical to the 675LT coupe, save for the roof mechanism, which adds 40kg. However, the LT Spider saves 100kg compare to an equivalent 650S Spider, with 35kg saved on the body panels, mostly through the use of carbon fiber, and 30kg saved in the use of lightweight suspension components (many brought across from the P1). A further 10kg is saved in the powertrain, while 20kg and 5kg are saved in the interior and electrical systems respectively. This brings the dry weight down to an impressive 1270kg. The aerodynamics have been optimized to give a 40% increase in downforce. Most of this is obviously due to the jutting chin splitter and the 50 per cent larger air brake, which now stretches across the whole width of the car (and is much more obvious in your mirrors when it deploys). You’ll also notice the fins at the side of the nose, which are designed to smooth the airflow past the front wheels and keep it attached to the sides of the car, thereby working the bottom third of each of the radiators much harder.

In terms of the suspension, the front springs are 27 per cent stiffer and the ride height is 20mm lower, while the rear springs are 63 per cent firmer. The front and rear tracks are also 20mm wider. Over half of the engine components have also been upgraded, with more efficient turbos, lightweight con rods and detail design changes to the inlet and exhaust manifolds, to name jut a few of the alterations. The titanium exhaust is 1.1kg lighter despite being 60cm longer (the extra length is squeezed in by having the left bank of the engine crossing over to exhaust on the right hand side and vice versa).

Duck under the slightly awkward door, drop over the high sill and you find yourself in a perfect driving position. You feel a long way forward in the car, but the deep bucket holds you securely and the high shoulder line makes you feel cocooned, even with the roof down. Although NVH levels are noticeably higher when you get going, the cabin doesn’t feel stark and stripped out like some road racers. The sense of connection through both the steering and the seat of your pants is undoubtedly the best of any modern McLaren at the time of launch. The steering rack is actually slightly faster than the one found in a P1 but it doesn’t feel twitchy, it just makes the car feel alert and gives you a tremendous sense of how the front wheels are reacting and what the road surface is like. The firmer engine mounts no doubt also play a big part in this. The ride is firm enough to hint at the LT’s track aspirations, but there is still plenty of travel and suppleness to make road driving a joy. The balance is superb, the car always encouraging you to push harder and then rewarding when you do.  When the front end breaks away it isn’t in that absolute glassy way that can make understeer so unnerving, rather it is just that grip lessens while still feeding back and giving you options. And the options certainly include oversteer. Sliding a 666bhp supercar in the wet could potentially be terrifying, but the confidence that the 675LT instils means that it is just fun.

Speedart Motorsports purchased the motorcar from its original owner with 200 delivery miles registered on its odometer and subsequently sold it to a long time client in 2019. After enjoying the car for just 1,000 careful miles the new owner decided to move on and he chose to entrust Speedart Motorsports with the sale of this magnificent spider once again.

This absolute time capsule was ordered new via the McLaren Special Operations department (MSO) by a loyal brand enthusiast and custodian of an esteemed collection of supercars from Surrey. The Spider was commissioned with a galore of extras at a whopping ticket of over 400,000USD and some of the options that adorn this Super Series 675LT include:

  • Carbon Fiber Exterior Upgrade Pack
  • Carbon Fiber Lower Side Intake
  • Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper
  • Carbon Fiber End Plate
  • Carbon Fiber Side Intake
  • Carbon Fiber Lower Side Intake
  • Carbon Fiber Exterior Mirror Caps
  • Carbon Fiber Sill Panels with Brand Logo
  • Stealth McLaren Badge
  • Titanium Liquid Metal Wheel Finish
  • McLaren Orange Brake Calipers with Black Logo

Additional Options and interior enhancements include:

  • Front & Rear Parking Sensors
  • Rear Parking Camera
  • Meridian Surround Sound Upgrade
  • Contrast Color Stitching
  • Soft Close Door Latch

The exterior of the motorcar is finished in stunning Silica White enamel with a pearlescent effect and  complemented by the contrasting carbon fiber panels and aerodynamic diffusers. The ‘business office’ is equally pleasing and in line with the exterior theme, fitted with Carbon Black Alcantara & Embossed Leather along the lightweight carbon fibre accents and center console with proper Almond White stitching .

Furthermore the automobile is equipped with the Lift Upgrade System at a substantial cost. This option allows the vehicle to be raised by 40mm at the front and 25mm at the rear for improved ground clearance, reducing the risk of damage, the car can be driven up to 37mph (60kph) once raised.

This limited production supercar was kept in a climate controlled facility serving mostly as the owner’s visual enjoyment albeit a casual Sunday morning drive and it is presented in an immaculate state.

The sale of the 675LT Spider is accompanied by all keys, owner’s manuals, McLaren branded indoor cover and a lithium-ion battery tender as supplied by the manufacturer.

Speedart Motorsports invites all serious inquiries and welcomes all interested parties to witness up-close and personal this impossibly perfect thoroughbred in our motor gallery at the Miami Design District.


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