2014 Mercedes-Benz Brabus G700 Widestar – SOLD 🏁

Geländewagen Masterpiece by Brabus, Outrageously Equipped and Impossibly Perfect

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Chassis No: WDCYC7DF1EX225179

Odometer: 3,994 Miles

Engine: 5.5 Litre V8 Biturbo Brabus B63 S-700

Transmission: 7-Speed G Tronic AMG Speedshift Plus

Performance: 700 bhp @ 5,400 rpm / 708 lb-ft > 0-60mph 4.7 sec / 149 mph

Exterior: Obsidian Black Metallic

Interior: Designo Exclusive Red/Black Diamond-Stitched Nappa Leather with Carbon Fiber Trim

About This Car

“It was about two years since Mercedes launched the mental G63 AMG, and many people have already forgotten what a revelation this brutish 4×4 was. But that didn’t stop Brabus from trying to squeeze out every ounce of character available with this Widestar G700 project. Why call it Widestar G700? Because it’s wide, a superstar and packs 700 horsepower. The essence of the makeover is easy to understand, but the devil is in the details”.

BRABUS GmbH, founded 1977 in Bottrop (Ruhr Area), Germany, is a high-performance tuning company which specializes in Mercedes-Benz, Smart and Maybach vehicles. Brabus became the largest Mercedes tuner, other than Mercedes-AMG which became a Daimler AG affiliate in the 1990s.

Brabus’s primary focus is to achieve maximum engine performance through the increase of horsepower and movement. Customers can either buy cars from Brabus, or send in their car to be customized and/or overhauled. Customers ordering a car directly involves Brabus purchasing a particular model from Mercedes and then modifying it according to the customer’s requests. Brabus is known for providing expensive tuning and custom solutions.

A “designo Exclusive’ late 2014 G63 AMG was sourced and upon rolling from the Magna Steyr assembly line in Graz, Austria it was immediately shipped to the Mercedes-Benz of Brooklyn, authorized center.

The W463 was subsequently shipped to Brabus USA headquarters in Irvine, CA in order to commence its transformation to the venerable BRABUS Widestar G700. The long and elaborate project was completed by the Brabus skilled artisans in 2016 and it was delivered to its original and only owner during the second half of the same year.

The level of craftsmanship and quality of materials is evident in such a manner that only a factory sanctioned center could perform with some of the following highlights of this outrageous built.

Impressive BRABUS power for an incomparable driving experience – that is what the BRABUS PowerXtra B63S-700 performance kit offers. The kit consists of two BRABUS special turbochargers with larger compressor unit (ø 52 mm) and modified core assemblies with reinforced axial bearings. The performance increase is completed with the BRABUS PowerXtra module for the engine control unit. In addition to a bump in peak torque from 760 Nm to 960 Nm, the rated output jumps by 115 kW/156 hp from 400 kW/544 hp to 515 kW/700 hp. The plug-and-play control unit is adapted to the production electronics. BRABUS engine conversion consisting of: 2x BRABUS special turbochargers with larger compressor unit, free-flow metal catalysts including downpipes, BRABUS “Gold Heat Reflection” sheathing for intake and charge air pipes and BRABUS software in engine control unit.

A thrilling exhaust note accompanies the superior performance. The BRABUS stainless sport exhaust, which on this special model is also an eye-catcher with its two black chromed exhaust tips exiting on either side of the vehicle, offers an electronic sound management thanks to its integrated actively controlled flap. It offers a choice between the subtle “Coming Home” mode and a decidedly sporty V8 sound.

Comfortable or sporty: The BRABUS Ride Control suspension allows you to tailor the suspension to your preferences depending on the driving situation and the quality of the road. In the comfort setup, the CAN control unit of the damper adjustment automatically switches to the sport setup depending on the vehicle speed, the lateral g’s of the vehicle and the speed of the change in steering angle. This ensures that critical situations are automatically detected and significantly improves the handling stability of the vehicle. When the system no longer detects any critical driving maneuvers, the control unit switches back to the comfort setup and thereby ensures a considerably improved ride quality. The sport setup can be preselected permanently.

Consisting of 2x Ride Control shock absorbers for front and rear each, BRABUS Ride Control unit, BRABUS Ride Control panel for the center console and integrated CAN control unit for automatic damper adjustment.

The fender flares of the Widestar bodywork modification create space for the king-sized 11Jx23 forged BRABUS “Platinum Edition” alloys.  Monoblock F “Titanium Gunmetal” – the new hi-tech forged wheels from BRABUS. The sporty-elegant cross-spoke design sets new styling standards. The spokes are offset and extend all the way to the outer edge of the rim flange. As a result, they highlight the three-dimensional geometry and make the wheels look even more impressive. The robust forged wheels are much lighter than cast wheels of the same size.

Like all BRABUS wheels, manufactured with outstanding precision in the highest quality (OEM standard), fitted with BRABUS signet and milled “Geschmiedet” (“Forged”) seal. The high-performance tires of size 305/35 R 23 are supplied by BRABUS technology partner YOKOHAMA.

The following documented list represents almost the entire catalog of Brabus arsenal, available at the time that were installed on this flagship G700 at a cost of over $300,000.00 – including the donor G63 with a sale price of $144,775.00:

  • BRABUS Widestar Body Kit 463-236-00
  • BRABUS Performance Kit B63S-700
  • BRABUS Active Valve Controlled Sport Exhaust with Black Chrome Tips
  • BRABUS Sport Suspension with Ride Control and Automatic Dumber Adjustment
  • BRABUS Monoblock F “Platinum Edition” Cross Spoke Wheels 23 x 11 Titanium Gunmetal
  • BRABUS Yokohama Tires 305/35/23
  • BRABUS Carbon Fiber Bonnet Attachment
  • BRABUS Carbon Fibre Turn Signal Delete Add-ons
  • BRABUS Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Caps
  • BRABUS Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers
  • BRABUS Carbon Fiber Front Roof LED Pod
  • BRABUS Roof Rear Spoiler
  • BRABUS Multi-functioning Front Spoiler
  • BRABUS Front Bumper Add-On
  • BRABUS Rear Bumper
  • BRABUS Dark Day Time Running Lights
  • BRABUS Front “B” Emblem
  • BRABUS Xenon Headlights “Black”
  • BRABUS Anodized Aluminum Pedals Set
  • BRABUS Entrance LED Panels Front & Rear Set
  • BRABUS Entrance LED Panel for Rear Cargo
  • BRABUS Undercarriage LED Lights
  • BRABUS Illuminated Logo for Front Grille
  • BRABUS Illuminated Running Board Caps
  • BRABUS Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel with Perforated Leather & Red Stitching
  • BRABUS Shift Paddles “RACE” Set Aluminum Matte
  • BRABUS Aluminum Door Locking Pins
  • BRABUS Diamond Stitched Leather Floor Mats with Red Binding

In order to protect and preserve the gleaming Obsidian Black enamel, Brabus commissioned Ultimate Shield of Orange, CA to treat the entire exterior with SunTek Opti-Coat Pro paint protection film with additional ceramic coating at a cost of $14,750.00.

One of the most notable upgrades of this remarkable project is the extraordinary sound system. The exhibition system was a collaboration between Edward Kehaian of Detailing Dynamics and Gary Bell of Define Concepts to produce a hi-fidelity sound that would receive top honors at SEMA, Slamology or any other Car Audio Expo, accomplished at a cost of over $30,000.00. This aural tour de force consists of dual Focal 12 channel amplification with an output of 1,400 watts RMS, Focal Utopia loudspeakers, Focal optical signal processor, JL Audio subwoofers, FiX-82 OEM Integration Processor and ultra-professional connectivity. The subs and hardware enclosures are true works of art constructed from the finest materials with veneers and leather to complement the spectacular design of the interior taking the OEM look to an all new level. The entire installation is in tandem with the factory head-unit, controlling the output of the system and the bass level independently from a dial neatly affixed in the center console.

Another novelty present is the stealth installation of the Show ’N’ Go from Altec Products that with a push of a button via a remote transmitter the front license plate may be displayed or stowed away in seconds.

Speedart Motorsports recently acquired the Widestar from the original owner via an introduction by AMG. The G-Wagen previous curator is an avid Mercedes-Benz enthusiast and collector and after several conversations we felt very comfortable on purchasing the automobile sight-unseen.

Upon arrival to our facility and after a close examination we could not believe at the flawless condition and amount of care exercised at this spectacular W463. Although the accumulated mileage is a little shy of only four thousand this Brabus feels and drives like the day that left the factory.

We strongly believe that this Brabus G700 is quite possibly one of the finest specimens of the first generation W463 ready to be enjoyed equally on the road and the concourse field.

Speedart Motorsports is very proud to present for your consideration this teutonic behemoth and encourages you to visit our gallery so you may witness up close and personal this – impossible to duplicate Geländewagen.

The sale of the 2014 Widestar G700 is accompanied by all keys, owners manuals, original window sticker and additional equipment as supplied by the manufacturer along documentation and invoices from Brabus. A Carfax report is supplied upon request, further attesting to the immaculate provenance and single ownership.


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