2011 Ferrari 599 GTO – SOLD 🏁

Third Installment of the Legendary Omologato Moniker in Breathtaking Livery - One of Only 125 Imported

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Chassis No: ZFF70RCAXB0182141

Odometer: 561 Miles

Engine: 6.0 Litre Tipo F140C V12 Naturally Aspirated DOHC 48-valve

Transmission: 6-Speed F1 with Multiple Shift Program

Performance: 661 bhp @ 8,250 rpm / 457 lb-ft > 0-60 mph 3.2 sec / 208 mph

Exterior: Rosso Fuoco Triple Paint with Grigio Silverstone Opaco Roof

Interior: Nero Leather with Bianco Contrast Stitching

About This Car

“There have only been three GTOs in Ferrari’s 63 years of building road cars and this is the third. You probably know that already, so we won’t bore you with a history lesson here. It’s enough to just say that it has 661 bhp and runs from 0-124mph in under 10 seconds – No history required. This is a car that can lap Ferrari’s Fiorano test track faster than an Enzo. It can summon uncomfortable levels of acceleration. Ferrari claims 3.2 sec on the 0-60 mph run. What it also evident is the GTO pulls as hard in fifth as a 911 does in third”.

This is a serious road burner and will go down as one of the great front engined Ferraris, especially as the V12 engine’s days are numbered as emissions regulations take their toll. The electronics keep you safe, but this is really a track car. Insanely fast, shriekingly loud and very grippy, we used to call cars like this ‘Hairy Chested’ now we just say GTO. 

Car names don’t come much more exciting than Grand Turismo Omologato – a badge used by Ferrari to christen a barely disguised race car for the road. In fact, so special is the title that the Italian legend has built just two such machines in its entire history, the 1962 250 GTO and the 1984 288 GTO, both of which are now collectors items worth their pared-back weight in gold. So this third member of the GTO family – based on the 599 might be regarded as a bargain. At the time of launch it was not just the fastest road-going Ferrari, but the most powerful, too.

The secret of this ultimate expression of the front-engined supercar lies with the development of the amazing 599XX, a $1.75 million millionaires’ track day special. Buyers never got to run this car on the road, but the model did offer  a two-year race program and had its every move tracked by computer.

The result was an electronic mapping system with a chassis set up to steer neutrally, which gives a fast turn to corners and huge mechanical grip. But while this combination offers massive of speed, it comes at the price of mid corner stability.

So engineers use electronics to adjust the GTO’s dampers, traction and stability systems to keep it on the straight and narrow. There are five different grades to this experience: wet weather with everything softened off, Sport or normal mode, Race which hardens the suspension and allows faster gear changes, CT which gives a bit of tail-out oversteer potential for the track, and CST or ‘everything-off’ for the truly skilled or insanely brave.

Ferrari told the AutoExpress journalists that the car is fastest in its CT setting, but a professional race driver might just match it in CST. Let’s hope it works, as you thumb the starter button and savor the engine’s amazing buzz and whirr in the pits at Ferrari’s test track at Fiorano close by the Maranello factory. As well as thinner aluminum and carbon-fibre panels, the GTO has a stripped-out cockpit. There’s also a separate panel to show the chassis set up with color coding for the engine, transmission and tIres to show when they are warm enough for the application of full throttle.

Race seats have a firm embrace and there’s basic air conditioning and a radio. The V12 has a six-into-one exhaust manifold and revised intakes for better breathing with a special aerodynamically counterweighted crankshaft, micro-polished cam lobes and graphite-printed pistons and slipper coatings for the valve tappets to reduce internal friction by 12 per cent. The result revs harder and faster than the standard 599 GTB and delivers 60bhp more, yet is also more economical and emits less CO2.

With gear changes on the six-speed automated gearbox now down to just 60 milliseconds and 100 kg less weight than the standard 599, the GTO tears out of the pits like a scalded cat. Of course it does. But the real test is at the end of the straight with the infamous hairpin that leads into a series of off-camber curves.

Stand on the carbon ceramic brakes and the GTO slows with crashing violence throwing you against the belts. Turn into the bend and the steering defies belief with its speed of response, yet there is no payback with a lurid tail slide. The 4.71m-long coupé charges through bends, constantly telegraphing the limits of grip, although it is a strange experience for those more used to balancing understeer against oversteer.

On the road, the GTO is harsh and noisy, but not unbearably so. You can just about drive it gently without waking the incredible performance, but it is an exercise in self restraint. “This car is mainly for the track,” says the chief engineer, absolutely right, but what a track day tool it is.


Speedart Motorsports is thrilled to present one of its latest exhibits and one of only 125 examples imported into the United States, finished in what is arguably the most dazzling Ferrari exterior enamel of Rosso Fuoco ‘Triple Paint’ adorned with a Grigio Silverstone Opaque roof.

Upon announcement of the GTO’s production, Brazilian racing driver and winner of the 2013 Indianapolis 500, Tony Kanaan placed an order via the Ferrari Center of Coral Gables, Florida. Due to his illustrious motorsport career along his continued passion for Italian thoroughbreds a special commission was allocated to Mr. Kanaan under assembly number 99574.

The galore of options, further accentuating the sporting nature of this Ferrari Omologato include the following paid extras, tallying a whopping addendum of $81,683 (including Destination and Gas Guzzler) over the base price.

  • Door Sill Cover in Carbon Fiber $4,053
  • Brake Calipers in Yellow $1,377
  • Carbon Fiber Exterior Front $4,539
  • Traverse Post in Carbonio $1,783
  • Carbon Fiber Wheel Caps $811
  • Under-Door Cover in Carbon Fiber $2,270
  • Daytona Style Seats $3,891
  • Telemetry Kit $3,242
  • Lateral Dash Insert in Carbon Fiber $1,539
  • Heat Insulating Windscreen $695
  • Leather Upholstery $5,998
  • Front & Rear Parking Sensors $2,415
  • Privacy Rear Windows $4,775
  • Ferrari Bespoke Options (including special order Triple Paint) $36,845 

Chassis 182141 was completed at the Maranello factory in June of 2011 and is believed to be one of the last examples exported to North America. The GTO arrived at the Port of Newark sometime in late August and the pre-delivery inspection was performed at the designated dealership in September 22nd with 108 factory test miles recorded on the odometer. The motorcar was delivered and registered to its new proud owner on the very next day of September 23, 2011.

After only few months of ownership, in anticipation to his next Ferrari special and after 80 miles, Tony sold the 599 GTO via a private treaty sale to a prominent collector and marque aficionado.  The second and last custodian of the GTO displayed this magnificent specimen as part of one of the most extraordinary sports car collections in Miami, sparingly driven for the next 10 years by clocking a total of 350 careful miles and fastidiously maintained.

The automobile is in showroom condition with the three-dimensional Rosso Fuoco Paint in all its original glory and an immaculate ‘business office’ free of any blemishes. A non-derogatory CarFax report that further attests to the provenance of the 599 GTO is supplied upon request.

Speedart Motorsports welcomes all serious inquiries as we would like to extend an invitation to all interested parties in order to witness up-close and personal this Modenese icon, destined to be one of the most coveted classics of the near future.  The sale of this motorcar is accompanied by a copy of the original window sticker, owners manuals, service books, tools, spare keys and Ferrari branded seat covers.


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