2008 Porsche 911 GT2 – SOLD 🏁

Rapidly Appreciating Widowmaker in Top Specification, One of 194 Imported to US

Offered at $0

Chassis No: WP0AD29958S796248

Odometer: 14,837 Miles

Engine: 3.6 Litre DOHC Flat-Six, Variable Geometry Twin-Turbo

Transmission: 6-Speed Manual G97/88 Gearbox

Performance: 530 bhp @ 6,500 rpm / 505 lb-ft > 0-60 mph 3.5 sec / 204 mph

Exterior: GT Silver Metallic

Interior: Dark Grey Natural Leather

About This Car

“The kick in the back is sensational, building quickly and smoothly as the rev- counter needle hits 2,000 rpm and then escalating in ferocity through the mid-range, pinning you to the backrest. And because the vanes of the turbochargers change their profile, giving fast, small-turbo-style response at low engine speeds and big-turbo response at high revs, there is no let-up, peak boost reaching 1.4 bar. In fact, as the tacho registers 5,000 rpm, the engine’s delivery ramps up again and if you miss the small yellow upshift light you may  discover the abrupt, stuttering rev-limiter”.

Launched in 2007 as a successor to the 996, the 997 GT2 is seemingly the last of its kind, throwing a mighty 530 horses of brutal forced-induction power at the road via the rear wheels only. Mediators in this 911-shaped fracas are the six-speed G97/88 gearbox as found in the GT3 (albeit with different ratios), along with lenient stability and traction controls, both of which can be deactivated separately or altogether.

As scintillating as it is terrifying, the very remit of the GT2 is decidedly against anything Porsche currently offers in the 991 generation, where all GT models use the admittedly magnificent PDK semi-automatic gearbox and active rear-wheel steering, while all-wheel drive is bestowed upon any blown variant with the only exception of the GT2 RS. Such huge engineering revisions to the chassis and drivetrain of new GT models makes the 997 GT2 feel like a comparable classic already – and it’s hardly a decade old.

The 997 GT2 is the last in a long line of fearsome turbocharged Porsche 911s, served according to the usual GT2 recipe of big power garnished with minimal traction assistance. It’s a 911 that only the bravest of drivers dare pilot at the best of times.

1,242 GT2s were built from 2007 to 2009 with only 194 units designated to the US market and 19 to Canada, each costing $192,500 plus options. Despite a $50,000 levy over the Generation1 997 Turbo, the fire-breathing GT2 lured wallets from the pockets of many who found appeal in a 911 boasting elements of both the Turbo and the GT3 in its DNA.

The GT3 cues are obvious from the outset. While the feel of the soft Alcantara-lined steering wheel does justice to invoke visual connotations of its naturally aspirated GT sister, substance of the mechanicals between it and the wheels is provided by the time the first apex has been aimed at. The car’s steering is exquisitely weighted and makes for a glorious ode to the merits of mechanical power assistance.

That new rear spoiler is a bit special, too. Like the 993 GT2’s, it’s hollow and the intakes that sit in the air flow deliver pressurized air to the engine, contributing to its greater output over the Turbo. With revised variable-vane turbos and a new expansion-type intake manifold (that even the Porsche engineers have difficulty explaining), its flat-six develops 51bhp more than the Turbo’s, no less than 523bhp. Not bad at all, even in 2019.

The GT2 was the latest and sought-after hardcore 997, that was in 2007. So how does the GT2 stand up today? Is it still a Porsche 911 that you have to buy?

What makes the 997 GT2 exciting is that it brings together the ordinary turbo from the 911 with a GT3 chassis. Of course the turbo is not your standard fare, it has been slightly tinkered with by the team at Porsche. This power is stopped by the standard carbon ceramic brakes and, being a GT2, all the power is from the rear. Launch control is standard on the GT2, so maximum-performance starts await novices and pros alike. Press the button, mash the throttle to the floor, wait for the revs to stabilize at about 5,000 rpm, then drop the clutch… then you disappear. The supplied 325/30 19in Michelin Pilot Cup tires help keep the rear end and power in check. But just remember the GT2’s nickname is the ‘widowmaker’ so try not to get too comfortable!

We guess, the question is does it match the speed and performance of similar cars today? Well, the GT2 scorches to 60mph in 3.5 sec. That’s quicker than the 605-horsepower Carrera GT, which was timed in 3.6 seconds – fast enough? The GT2 is equally mind-blowing in the quarter mile, tripping the lights in just 11.4 seconds at 127.9 mph. The engine doesn’t feel turbocharged; rather, as the revs rise it seems to come on cam, the power delivery linear and seemingly limitless. Oh, and it won’t run out of power until it gets to a crazy 205mph.

So is the 997 GT2 a legitimate buying proposition in 2019? Well in one word, yes. Whenever someones asks what car they should buy as an investment, we usually recommend a special or limited edition Porsche. Some are more valuable than others but as a general rule, limited run Porsche models have been skyrocketing in value in recent years. We aren’t going to say the GT2 is ‘cheap’ but we highly recommend buying one before the prices become stratospheric.

Speedart Motorsports has recently acquired this impossibly perfect GT2 that was part of a prominent Porsche collection and of what we believe to be a sound future investment, while its unparalleled performance could be currently enjoyed by a spirited driver on the road or on the track.

The motorcar is finished in one of the most iconic Porsche color themes of GT Silver with the highly desirable natural leather interior of Dark Grey complemented by functional Alcantara inserts and a plethora of carbon fiber fittings, in unison with the GT’s sporting character.

The automobile was commissioned by its original custodian shortly after the model’s announcement via Isringhausen Imports in Illinois and rolled off the Zuffenhausen assembly line on June 1, 2008 under production number 666185.

Almost every conceivable option from Porsche’s à la carte menu was selected totaling a $24,250 addendum and noted as following:

  • GT Silver Metallic
  • Natural Leather Dark Grey
  • Dashboard Stitching Deviated Color
  • Door Stitching Deviated Color
  • Seat Stitching Dev. Color
  • Red Taillights
  • Heated Front Seats
  • Foot Rest Aluminum
  • Parking Assist System
  • Sport Chrono Package
  • Navigation Module for PCM
  • BOSE Surround Sound System
  • Leather Interior Natural Leather
  • Floor Mats With Colored Trim
  • Interior Package Carbon
  • Carbon Package Switch Panel
  • Adaptive Sport Seats
  • Instrument Dials Guards Red
  • Rear Center Console – Carbon
  • Sport Seat Backs Painted
  • Porsche Crest in Headrest
  • Seat Belts – Guards Red
  • Wheel Caps with Colored Crest
  • Standard Rocker Panels Painted
  • Carbon Steering Wheel Multifunction
  • Door Entry Guards Carbon Illuminated
  • Headlight Cleaner Cover in Exterior Color

Upon its arrival and pre-delivery inspection, transportation was arranged and the car was registered for the first time in Scottsdale, AZ on August 18. The car stayed in Scottsdale until October 2011 and subsequently sold to a Porsche aficionado in West Bloomfield, MI who sparingly used the GT for the next four years.

After a short hiatus in New York and 600 careful miles in a year’s time the Porsche headed for the West Coast spending two years with its new custodian in San Rafael, CA hardly accumulating an additional 500 miles.

The penultimate caretaker of the GT2 decided to consign the motorcar with Barrett Jackson at the upcoming auction in Las Vegas, NV. The hammer fell on October 5, 2017 and the Porsche lot number 768 sold for $222,200.

Fast forward and after only a usage of 200 miles in a period of two years, on April, 2019 the GT2 was sold to a passionate collector and long time friend of the owner of Speedart Motorsports.

During its decade of ownership the GT2 was impeccably maintained at the corresponding Porsche service centers and stayed unmolested and incident free with its provenance further verified by a non-derogatory CarFax report. A 40k mile preventive service was performed by Gaudin Porsche including brake fluid flushed/changed and a new set of Michelin Cup tires on July 7, 2017. Upon arrival in Miami an additional maintenance inspection was conducted by the Porsche Service Center in Coral Gables as recommended by the manufacturer and a cosmetic refresh was in order by Speedart Motorsports award winning detail department.

We have traded a considerable amount of significant Porsche specials but once in a while we come across a specimen that has been properly curated to the highest standards and with truly exceptional care. We strongly believe that this is the case for the aforementioned motorcar.

Speedart Motorsports invites all inquiries and interested parties to witness up-close and personal the outstanding condition of this Stuttgart-born thoroughbred.

The sale of the 2008 911 GT2 is accompanied by all keys, owners manuals, production specification sheet and additional equipment as supplied by the manufacturer.


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