1997 Ferrari F355 Spider – SOLD 🏁

Maranello's Contemporary Classic in Sensuous Spider Configuration

Offered at $0

Chassis No: ZFFXR48A3V0108078

Odometer: 32,563 Miles

Engine: 3.5 Litre V8 Tipo F129B DOHC 40-valve

Transmission: 6-Speed Manual

Performance: 375 bhp @ 8,250 rpm / 268 lb-ft > 0-60 mph 4.6 sec / 183 mph

Exterior: Rosso Barchetta

Interior: Tan Connolly Leather with Black Carpeting

About This Car

“As the top lowers, the F355’s body lines metamorphose into an even more graceful and sinewy shape, if that’s possible. Surprisingly, wind buffeting at speeds up to about 80 mph is less harrowing than in many luxury convertibles of the era, outfitted with wind blocker screen panels, although the Ferrari is devoid of such add-ons. Once the top is back up it snaps shut with a weathertight seal that keeps extraneous wind noise at bay. One of the best cars of the 1990s? Not only that, but one of the very best Ferraris ever…”

The 355 replaced the rather lackluster 348 and was a distinct improvement in both looks and dynamic ability. A quantum leap, if you like.  When it went on sale in 1994, the F355 had the interesting task of moving Ferrari forward as a serious volume manufacturer. In a post-Honda NSX world, sports cars could no longer afford to be the unreliable or cumbersome to drive, and while the F355 might have been an evolution of the 348, it was a game-changing proposition from Ferrari.

The mid-mounted, dry-sumped, flat-plane V8 borrowed the then-latest Formula 1 technology, featuring five valves (three inlet, two exhausts) per cylinder and producing 380bhp at a screaming 8250rpm, which equates to 109bhp per liter – and that was the highest specific output for a naturally aspirated car at the time.

With a 0-60mph sprint time of 4.6 seconds and a top speed only a gnat’s shy of 180mph, the 355 is a searingly fast sports car. It’s also widely considered to be the last of the traditionally beautiful Ferraris, and although styling is largely subjective, any petrol head would be hard to argue against the 355’s slender, delicate Pininfarina styling.

The Ferrari has a beautifully restrained interior too, and it just fits. Climb over the wide sill and you find yourself seated low with feet slightly offset, but visibility is fine and, when the V8 starts, the sound is intoxicating at the steady yet busy idle.

You can drive a 355 fast and comfortably at normal revs, keeping the engine below around 5,000rpm, with the adjustable suspension in ‘comfort’ mode. The controls are accurate and communicative, the clutch is a bit long of travel yet sensibly weighted, and the manual gearbox is a delight.

Because you sit well forward, with the engine screaming behind you, the Ferrari seems to swivel from your hips, and it feels planted. But switch the suspension to ‘sports’ mode, allow the rev counter to breach that 5,000rpm mark and the car comes on cam properly.

It’s fast; reactive, angry, howlingly, road-munchingly fast. The super-sharp steering, massive ATE brakes with ABS, fat 225 and 265/40 tires and that perfectly balanced chassis make it all seem very easy. The car does exactly what you tell it to do. The Ferrari F355 is one of the best cars ever to have come out of Maranello.

Speedart Motorsports is delighted to offer for your consideration this F355 Spider finished in the most rare shade of Red – only a handful of  Rosso Barchetta examples were built on special order at a cost addendum of $10,000. The Spider is an all matching numbers car still fitted with its original V8 Bosch Motronic 5.2 engine No. 45352 and its gated 6-speed manual gearbox. Furthermore the Ferrari was optioned with the highly desirable Challenge Grille and staggered 18 inch wheels.

A wonderful addition to the already sonorous engine was the installation of the model specific Tubi Style performance exhaust system for an enhanced analogue driving experience all the way up to 8,250 rpm.

Chassis No. 8078 rolled off the assembly line of the Modenese factory on January, 1997 designated for the North American market. It arrived in the Ferrari Center of Philadelphia on the last week of March,1997 and it was reportedly sold to its proud, first owner on April 24, 1997. The motorcar arrived in Florida on May, 2009 and has stayed in the Sunshine State ever since, always maintained and serviced by the local Ferrari authorized centers with the last major service performed in 2019 by Ferrari of West Palm Beach.

The F355 Spider is believed to be free of any incidents and considered to be of excellent driver’s quality ready to be enjoyed by its next care taker. Speedart Motorsports welcomes all interested parties to visit our showroom or arrange an independent inspection with a non-derogatory CarFax report supplied upon request.



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