1988 Ferrari 328 GTS – SOLD 🏁

1988.5 Type F106 Spider Certified by Ferrari Classiche & Presented in Concours Condition with Verified Provenance - Serious Candidate for FCA Platinum Standard

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Chassis No: ZFFWA20B000077187

Odometer: 6,068 Miles

Engine: 3.2 Litre V8 Tipo F105CB Naturally Aspirated 32-valve DOHC

Transmission: 5-Speed Gated Manual

Performance: 270 bhp @ 7,000 rpm / 224 lb-ft > 0-60 mph 5.8 sec / 163 mph

Exterior: Rosso Corsa

Interior: Nero Connolly Leather

About This Car

“Entering production in 1985, the Ferrari 328 represented the final iteration of Maranello’s transverse mid-mounted Dino V-8. Updated to reflect advances in aerodynamics, the Leonardo Fioravanti penned bodywork, styled by Pininfarina and built by Carrozzeria Scaglietti offered a modern and attractive interpretation of the 308 platform resulting in one of the most recognizable silhouettes of the 80s.

Mechanically, the V-8’s bore and stroke were increased to a capacity of 3,186 cubic centimeters and as a result, power was now 270 bhp at 7,000 rpm. This made the 328 capable of a top speed in excess of 160 mph and a sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.5 seconds. Maybe it isn’t particularly quick by modern standards, but that hardly matters. The Ferrari offers a driving experience that’s immersive, invigorating, and intoxicating. It’s a car you’ll want to learn more about to discover its abilities by developing your own. Praised by many as one of the most reliable and usable Ferraris ever built, the 328 is considered the enthusiast’s favorite”.

The 328 model remained in production for four years (1985 to 1989). By the time it was replaced by the 348 in the Autumn of 1989, a total of 7,412 vehicles had been made. GTS production totaled 6,068 vehicles in the chassis number range of 59301 to 83136. The early part of each series was numbered in the Ferrari odd number road car chassis sequence, and later examples (post chassis number 75000) in the continuous number sequence.

Ferrari gave the 328 its only major mechanical update late in the 1988 model year. This mostly “analog” car became a bit more “digital” with the fitting of an anti-lock braking system (ABS) to its ventilated disc brakes. This necessitated a redesign of the suspension geometry to provide a negative offset. The overall upgrade required the incorporation of convex hub 16-inch alloy wheels replacing the previous concave versions. Thus the original flat spoke “star” wheels became a convex design, in the style as fitted to the 3.2 Mondial models. The update began with chassis number 76626 (February 1988) and the improved suspension and convex wheels were used whether the car was fitted with ABS or not. In Europe, ABS was an option for all mid-1988 and 1989 models. In the US, mid-1988 models did not have ABS while all MY 1989’s did. The mid-1988 models like the one offered here are often referred to as MY 1988 1/2. The wheel changes are a visual differentiator for the later models. In 1988 and 1989, the side view door mirrors also wore small Cavallino Rampante emblems.

Speedart Motorsports, is delighted to announce the offering of this exemplary Spider and an opportunity to experience Ferrari’s era of analog glory, guaranteed to please the most demanding collector and discriminating connoisseur alike.


Chassis No. 77187 was commissioned with the quintessential Glasurit paint of Rosso Corsa (300/9) over Black Connolly hides (Nero A8500) and rolled off the Maranello assembly line on the first week of May 1988 constituting such unit as a 1988 1/2 model year.

Upon completion, the GTS was promptly transported to its official Ferrari Center M.G. Crepaldi Automobili of Milan just 120 miles away from the factory. Crepaldi at the time was the foremost Ferrari dealer supplying the latest Ferraris to Milan’s most affluent clientele since 1953.

The Gran Turismo Spider was delivered to its first owner, a Milanese business executive on the ninth day of May 1988 who kept possession of the automobile for the next 28 years clocking some 9,700 km (6k miles). The Ferrari was subsequently sold to a professional association in Milan in March 2016 which kept on display with little to no use for the next four years. At approximately the same time Crepaldi Auto s.p.a. was sold to Giorgio Schön, owner of Rossocorsa and as you may notice from the original ‘libretto’ chassis 77187 has always been looked after by the original selling dealer.

During its last European ownership, the Ferrari was also maintained at its authorized servicing center of Rossocorsa s.r.l. in via dei Missaglia 89, Milan. In April of 2016, the GTS was subjected to a comprehensive service including the all important timing belt service, receiving the highly coveted Ferrari Classiche Certification as a further testament to the pedigree and condition of this exceptional sportscar.

The Targa top Ferrari was acquired through a private treaty sale in January 2020 by a prominent Miami marque ambassador as part of one of the most significant Ferrari collections in South Florida.

Prior to the deal being consummated, the new owner commissioned Rossocorsa to perform a comprehensive inspection on January 8, 2020, which the car passed with flying colors. After a hiatus of a few months, all the logistics were finalized and the Ferrari was loaded on Bremen Express on the 28th of June for its transatlantic voyage. The 328 GTS arrived at the Port of Miami on July 7, 2020 and cleared customs on the same day.

The automobile has been on private display with only a couple of outings in major shows ever since with just 23 miles clocked on the odometer. In the course of almost 4 years, the Ferrari has enjoyed a sheltered life and was regularly started.


The condition of the Pininfarina coachwork is truly impressive and this cherished example presents in exceptional condition; the factory-designated Glasurit coat of Rosso Corsa [code FER 300/9] looks sensational and shows with a dazzling depth still retaining its original glaze, free of any blemishes or imperfections with all body gaps tight and consistent. Upon close examination the all-steel monocoque body and tubular steel rear-subframe appears to be free of any incidents.

The OEM Saint-Gobain Sekurit laminated glass, displaying the corresponding factory etchings all around, including the rear contoured glass pane is indistinguishable from new with no visible abrasions whatsoever. The front Sigla windscreen with the green top shade band is free of chips with an absolute minimum of peppering and the black anodized aluminum frame still lucent.

The headlight projectors and passing/fog lamps are crystal clear without any haze or traces of moisture developed inside the sealed housings. The same condition applies to the polycarbonate lenses of the tail lights, lower front turn indicators and amber beehive euro-markers located on the front wings. The entire exterior trim including the rear mesh grill and screen below the deck lid is splendidly preserved with the flat black coating still radiant and smooth. The cloisonné badging and bright ware present handsomely in a near-new fashion. The removable black top as well as the B pillar-mounted aerofoil are impossibly perfect with the black pigmented textured gel coat showing no signs of aging.


Opening the door it reveals the ‘business office’ of the 328 GTS that is both inviting and comfortable while showing its true intentions to the spirited driver. Cleanly executed in its styling delivery, the tactile interior of the 328 has aged wonderfully, with no flamboyant touches being present to cheapen the appearance or feel. While rather basic, it is all the better for it as everything serves a simple purpose. The center console is littered with all of the switchgear while the instrument binnacle throws back only what the driver needs to concentrate on as the bolstered leather seats provide a reassuringly comfortable hug. Adding to the sense of occasion is the magnificent open-gated gear selector that sits proudly in the center of the car and is a welcome sight in a modern world of paddle shifters.

This example is upholstered in Black [Nero 8500] Connolly leather, spanning the entire dashboard, center console, doors, and bucket seats, adorned with the ‘Cavallino Rampante’, embossed on the headrests.

The cabin is showroom fresh and unblemished in its entirety with no excessive signs of use, dashboard separation, or carpet wear. There is a total lack of leather character, creasing, or abuse on the seat bolsters further attesting to the fastidious care the car has received during its previous custodianship. The three-spoke Momo leather steering wheel with its contrast stitching is unmarked as well. The fabric headliner of the Targa top and the firewall behind the seats are in factory-new condition.

The door steps do not show any heel marks or chafing with the aluminum sills wonderfully preserved. All weather seals are still supple and free of any tears or clefts. Manufacturer’s identification plates and various labels affixed throughout the car are untampered.

The Ferrari is still fitted with the original Blaupunkt Memphis SQR 06 radio cassette unit accompanied by the leather cover plate. All systems, gauges and electrical gear function within factory spec with the A/C and heating elements tested and verified at the time of cataloging. The aft luggage compartmentwith its vinyl zippered cover remains in superb condition with perfectly fitting panels and immaculate carpeted coverings. The underside of the bonnet containing the unused full-size spare tire maintains its Rosso Corsa enamel with properly working struts and the trim is supple and bright.


The intoxicating flat-plane crank ‘Quattro Valvole’ V8 allied to an open gate manual ZF transmission is performing as intended by the manufacturer and is guaranteed to deliver analog driving nirvana to its privileged owner.

A twist of the key will be answered by a staccato soundtrack that’s typical of highly-tuned atmospheric eight-cylinder motors and a few precursory actuations of the single-plate clutch in neutral reveal a standard level of resistance that translates into an excellent degree of grabbiness, once engaged. This unmodified Euro-spec example enjoys a ten-horsepower addendum, gained via its original non-catalyzed exhaust system that is free of any perforations or noticeable signs of oxidation.

Benefiting from a major service in 2016 including the ever-important timing belt with only 54 kilometers clocked since and curated to the highest standards this motorcar is on the button and ready for immediate enjoyment on the road or prominently displayed on the Concours green.


Apparent only on 1988.5 and 1989 model years, the factory convex 5-spoke magnesium 16-inch wheels by Speedline are in unmarked condition wrapped in a set of Goodyear Eagle  205/55VR16 and 225/50VR16, front and rear respectively – although the entire tread is intact with no compound deterioration on all four corners, most likely they are past their service life.

The front and rear independent suspension, based on the traditional unequal length double wishbone design, including the coil springs and hydraulic telescopic Koni shock absorbers is perfectly balanced resulting in very sharp handling and overall agility.

Stopping power is applied by four-piston small frame ATE calipers and the brakes perform as they should, with no adverse pitch, pull, or drone. The cadmium-plated calipers maintain their original finish with no signs of erosion on the assemblies, master cylinder, valves, and spindle.


The bottom is the final testament to the condition of this cosseted motorcar. The factory applied Dinol Tuff-Kote (similar to Cosmoline but with superior anti-corrosion properties), which was applied at Maranello to protect it during shipping and still evident with its distinctive bronze tint. Under scrutiny, the condition of the frame is pristine and free of any major abrasions with all composite panels still attached by the original fasteners and the exposed engine belly in excellent status with minimum patina.


The sale of chassis 77187 is accompanied by two keys, owner’s manuals, service & warranty booklets, tool kit with roadside equipment including branded pliers, spare belts and spark plugs, Ferrari leather bifold book wallet, Targa top vinyl cover,OEM full-size spare tire and velour floor mats. Furthermore, the new custodian will receive the ‘Red Book’ binder with the Ferrari Classiche Certificate along the handsome classiche medallion to be applied at the owner’s discretion.

A fresh battery will be professionally installed prior to delivery.

Scope of Delivery

All import duties have been paid and the automobile is compliant with all domestic importation laws – the Ferrari is sold with a free and clear Florida title and may be registered for unlimited road use (California residents may check with their local agency). A non-derogatory CarFax report is also available upon request.

Ferrari Classiche

Provenance Documentation

We are excited to discuss an ownership opportunity of this sensational Gran Turismo Spider as well as arrange a private viewing in our motor gallery of what is arguably one of the most defining representations of the Eighties exotica.


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