1986 Ducati TT1

Quickest and Best Handling 750cc TT1 Race Replica in North America

Offered at $75,000

Chassis No: ZDM1AA3L1JB751843

Odometer: 8.5 hrs

Engine: 748cc L-Twin, Four-Stroke SOHC Desmodromic

Transmission: 5-Speed Gearbox

Performance: 111 bhp @ 9,100 rpm / 64 lb-ft @ 5,200 rpm

Exterior: Competition Red/White

Interior: N/A

About This Motorcycle

“The Ducati TT1 and it’s street-legal progeny, the Ducati 750 F1, have now gone on to become some of the most desirable and collectible models from Ducati’s back catalogue – largely due to their rarity and face-melting performance capabilities.”

To classify a motorcycle’s importance in history requires different things for different people. For Ducatisti seeking a comprehensive collection of Ducati’s most important machines, the collection would be incomplete without the TT1. Successful in its own right here in the states with several race wins, the Ducati TT1 is noted as the bike that spawned the company’s all-conquering Superbike Series.

With 88 rear wheel horsepower in a sub-300lb package, this famous example among Ducati circles is arguably the quickest and best handling old-school 750cc TT1 in North America.

Ex-Ducati North America sponsored rider and Pro Thunder Mosport lap record holder Paul Penzo was out on the bike at the DOCC Mosport event on July 2012 and here’s what he had to say: “…exceeded my expectations of a vintage motorcycle. Excellent corner speed and no notable glitches when ridden at Mosport. It looks great, but it handled so well that it gave me a new appreciation of vintage motorcycles”.

Ducati collector and TT guru Lou Saif had this to say about this machine:  “The beauty of a real TT with the balls to back it up! Wish she were mine.” This outrageous motorbike is a highly developed example of the legendary old-school TT1 -works racer that performs brilliantly on the track and handles better than any TT1 we have ridden. The frame and motor were built with care and a high level of attention to detail over an 18 month period by Steve Munro of Loudbike.  It was broken-in correctly on the dyno and then saw six horsepower/tuning pulls and roughly 4.5 hours of track time.  Steve run the bike at NHMP, Calabogie and Mosport – and came away delighted with the performance and handling on all occasions.

If you haven’t ridden one of these racers (most likely you haven’t), you’ll experience razor sharp handling in a lightweight package that will let you run with modern equipment.  Raw and intoxicating, but refined and easy to ride.  The sound of a small-block Chevy with a willing and flexible engine.

Although this is not a road bike, and too well set-up to be parked in someone’s living room James Hondros wanted the option of being able to ride the bike on the street on a rare occasion.

James upon purchasing the motorcycle he commissioned Steve Munro to fabricate a removable set of CIBIE endurance style projectors, a tail brake light bracket assembly with directional signals and a license plate holder as well as a custom Bimota kick stand. The finished product is that while a menacing track bike it still looks great and functional and the road equipment can be removed in less than 10 minutes.

The level of preparation and expertise that went into creating this Ducati TT1 replica, one of the most drool-worthy bikes anyone has ever seen is paramount and is guaranteed to thrill its owner while captivating audiences on and off the track.

88hp may not sound like much but, even if the thing weren’t so light, Ducati’s v-twin will punch you out of corners on a wave of torque. We bet you’d embarrass plenty of modern bikes at track days on this, and sound much better doing it compliments of a 95db NCR open exhaust.

Mr. Munro built this TT1 using period components as a faithful replica of the TT1s that ran
in the AMA BOTT GP class back in the day. The only deviation being the modern (90’s) calipers and pumps, ignition coils and the non standard crankcase breather box in the seat. However, it differs from most TT1 replicas in that it was built to be a fast and reliable track bike.

Over the years Steve found that the only TT1 frame that seems to work well with modern 17” wheels& slicks is the final series Verlicchi large diameter, thin wall. Back in the day, Reno Leoni had DM Frames manufacture a copy of the Verlicchi and DM has since modified the jig to allow for the use of a big block motor. The DM version was checked
digitally last year against the Verlicchi and they are geometrically identical, however the DM is 12mm longer between the upper cross brace and the steering head. This was countered somewhat with the offset on the triple clamps, but the small difference in trail gives the DM a bit more stability with a very small decrease in agility.

Speedart Motorsports has been the custodian of this exotic and impossibly rare TT1 for the last 5 years and delighted to display the motorbike in our showroom as well as answering all inquires pertaining its provenance and built history. Although a galore of information about this well known motorcycle is available online the sale of the bike is accompanied by a rear pit stand, cover, importation papers, extensive built documentation and dyno charts verifying the aforementioned claims.


  • 750 Sport-based bottom end built by Gary Palmer.
  • 800SS rods.
  • Lightened clutch basket, clutch housing, primaries and flywheel.
  • JPrecision heads with new valves, guides & seats and NCR #7 cams with STM adjustable pulleys.
  • Modified F1B pistons (12.5:1 compression).
  • Mikuni TM Pro-series 41mm flat slides.
  • Mikuni vacuum fuel pump.
  • Modified Old Racing Spares cam end covers.
  • Oil cooler with Starlite hoses, Earls fittings and top-end lubrication via cam end cover feed.
  • Magnesium rocker covers.
  • 95db open NCR replica exhaust .
  • Dyno-tuned to 88 hp, 56 ft-lbs torque.


  • DM TT1 Frame.
  • Marvic 3-spoke magnesium wheels with floating 280mm Brembo rotors front and 260mm rear.
  • Brembo P3034 calipers with authentic Brembo racing caliper adapters
  • Brembo 996 series pumps
  • Authentic TT1 Brembo rear master
  • Marzocchi M1R forks substantially modified by Lindeman engineering back in the day -they work like no M1R ever tested.
  • Authentic TT1 Marzocchi 195mm triple clamps.
  • TZ replica throttle.
  • Scitsu tachometer.
  • 851 Verlichi clip-ons.
  • Authentic NCR electrics plate.
  • Bosch ignition (rewired pick-ups) with Dyna 3 ohm coils.
  • Custom-built Stadium shock (rebound plus Hi & Lo speed compression adjustment).
  • 750 F1 aluminum swing arm.
  • Leoncinni TT1 Replica floating rear brake caliper mount.
  • Leoncinni TT1 Replica rear sets.
  • Old Racing Spares endurance tank and TT1 seat with custom, integrated breather box.
  • Bimota DB1R fender & mount.
  • Romanelli TT1 fairing.


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