1970 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible – SOLD 🏁

Performance Pinnacle Year of The Symbolic 4-4-2 in Dazzling Droptop Coachwork by Fisher - Quality Restoration of Matching Numbers Example

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Chassis No: 344670E113398

Odometer: 53,441 Miles

Engine: 7.5 Litre V8 GM Rocket 455 with Rochester 4-Barrel Carburetor OHV

Transmission: 3-Speed 400 Turbo Hydra-Matic

Performance: 365 bhp @ 5,000 rpm / 500 lb-ft > 0-60 mph 6.2 sec / 116 mph

Exterior: Twilight Blue Metallic with White Rally Stripes

Interior: Ivory Vinyl Strato Buckets

About This Car

“When it comes to American muscle cars, few names evoke the same level of nostalgia and respect as the Oldsmobile 442. Born in an era of high-performance automobiles, the 442 (which originally stood for 4-barrel carburetor, 4-speed manual transmission, and dual exhaust) was a true powerhouse that defined an entire generation of car enthusiasts. The 442 left an indelible mark on American car culture. It was not only a symbol of speed and power but also a representation of a bygone era of unapologetic automotive excess. The 442 inspired countless imitators and became a sought-after collectible. Even though Oldsmobile ceased production in 2004, the 442 remains a cherished piece of Americana”.

The Oldsmobile Cutlass 442, often referred to as the 4-4-2, (pronounced “Four-four-two”), is a classic American muscle car that left an indelible mark on the automotive industry. Let’s delve into an editorial about this iconic vehicle, exploring its history, legacy, and why it continues to captivate enthusiasts.

The Birth of a Legend

The 442 was first introduced in 1964 as an option package for the Oldsmobile Cutlass, but it quickly evolved into a standalone model in 1968. This car embodied the spirit of the muscle car era, featuring a powerful V8 engine, a sporty design, and a reputation for incredible speed. The combination of its performance, affordability, and distinctive style made it an instant hit.

Power and Performance

Throughout its history, the 442 boasted a range of potent engines. The early models often featured a 330-cubic-inch V8 engine, which was later replaced by the legendary 400-cubic-inch and 455-cubic-inch V8s. These engines churned out impressive horsepower figures, propelling the 442 from 0 to 60 mph in record time. The combination of a big-block engine and agile handling made the 442 a force to be reckoned with on both the drag strip and the streets.

Design and Styling

Beyond its impressive power, the Oldsmobile 442 was known for its unique styling. It featured bold lines, aggressive grilles, and iconic hood scoops that added to its commanding presence. The classic red, white, and blue 442 badges became synonymous with American muscle cars, and the available convertible option only added to its desirability.

Legacy and Influence

The Oldsmobile 442 was more than just a car; it was a symbol of an era characterized by high-performance, freedom, and the open road. Its combination of power, style, and affordability continues to captivate car enthusiasts today. The 442 remains a testament to the enduring appeal of American muscle cars and a reminder of a time when the road was open and the possibilities were endless. As long as there are enthusiasts who appreciate automotive history and the thrill of speed, the legend of the Oldsmobile 442 will never fade.


Speedart Motorsports is delighted to offer for your consideration this masterfully refurbished 442 Convertible, authentically restored to high standards and guaranteed to please any American classic car connoisseur with a penchant for the golden era of muscle cars.

Chassis No. 113398 rolled off the Linden, New Jersey plant on the first quarter of 1970 and was delivered to its first owner on the same year via the Reedman Auto Center of Langhorne, Pennsylvania.

At the time of ordering the Oldsmobile was commissioned with every conceivable option from the GM catalogue, constituting such specimen as one of the highest specified units for the 1970 model year. The 442 Convertible was finished in a brilliant metallic paint of Twilight Blue with a White vinyl top over an Ivory interior, complemented by faux wood grain fascia and door card inserts. The sporty Fisher coach design was further enhanced by White Rally stripes on the scooped bonnet and matching side graphics.

Standard Equipment

  • L31 HC Rocket 455 V8
  • N10 Dual Exhaust System
  • FE2 Rally Suspension
  • A51 Strato Bucket Seats
  • D15 Deluxe Interior Decor
  • BC1 Wood Grain Vinyl Instrument Panel
  • B30 Wall to Wall Floor Carpeting
  • B50 Foam-Padded Front Seat Cushion

Factory Installed Options & Accessories

  • W25 Dual Intake Forced-Air Fiberglass Hood
  • M40 Turbo 400 Hydra-Matic Transmission
  • W26 Sports Console / Hurst Dual Gate Shifter
  • G80 Anti-Spin Rear Axle
  • G91 3.23 Axle Package
  • D35 Sports Styled Outside Rearview Mirrors
  • P05 Super Stock I Wheels
  • PK5 G70X14 Wide Oval RWL Tires
  • C60 Four Season Air Conditioning
  • JL2 Power with Front Disc Brakes
  • N47 Vari-Ratio Power Steering
  • N33 Tilt-Away Steering Wheel
  • N34 Custom Sport Steering Wheel
  • A02 Soft-Ray Tinted Windshield
  • T44 Interior Operated Hood Lock
  • U58 AM-FM Stereophonic Radio
  • U57 Stereo Tape Player
  • U35 Electric Clock
  • Y60 Accessory Group Package

The 442 has been a recipient of a quality restoration during past ownership and although we do not have any documentation pertinent to the refurbishment, we attest that the motorcar retains its original drivetrain. The entire body was resprayed in its original color of #28 Twilight Blue (2166) with the only addition of an aerodynamic spoiler to the rear deck lid and Red front wheel well liners in W30 fashion. The White convertible top has also been recovered with the proper vinyl material including its matching tonneau cover.

The interior is equally gratifying with the Strato bucket seats finished in Ivory vinyl, and the cabin features two-tone door panels and black carpeting that is believed to have been replaced in 2019. Woodgrain accents adorn the dashboard and door panels, and additional equipment includes a center console with dual-gate Hurst shifter, the original AM/FM radio with 8 track cassette, an electric clock, and lap belts. The air conditioning has been serviced and functions as intended by the manufacturer.

The original Super Stock I-style 14 inch wheels were refinished with black centers in 2018 with Firestone Wide Oval white-letter tires mounted. Stopping power is applied by front disc and rear drum brakes, and the car is equipped with Vario-Ratio power steering. The upper control arm shafts and bushings along with a front coil spring were replaced in November 2015, and the brake booster check valve was replaced in April 2016.

The 455 cubic inch V8 Rocket is equipped with a Rochester four-barrel carburetor, an aluminum intake manifold, and an aftermarket flex fan. The oil pressure switch, valve cover gaskets, left exhaust manifold gasket, radiator and heater hoses were replaced while a fuel transfer pump system was installed in November 2015. The ignition coil feed terminal and ignition condenser were replaced in April 2016, while the exhaust system was addressed in October 2017. Power is sent to the rear wheels via a 3-Speed 400 Turbo Hydra-Matic transmission with a W-27 aluminum differential cover fitted.

The Oldsmobile is supplied with a full set of keys, original window sticker, owner’s manual, bifold clear wallet with factory warning labels, warranty information pamphlet and color accessories brochure along a full size spare tire, tonneau cover and branded all-weather rubber overmats.

Speedart Motorsports welcomes all serious inquiries as we would like to extend an invitation to all interested parties in order to witness up-close and personal this most coveted American icon in our motorsport gallery.


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